How does this all work?!

  • Well, quite simply really! We make two different meals each week
    • a Good meal - which is our iconic meal with 4 tasty elements, a little prep required and can be served in our reusable container (a tiffin); or
    • An 'Easy for the kids' (lasagne / sausage rolls etc) which just needs heating / cooking, this one is served in single use.
  • You can buy a one-off meal or a weekly subscription; where you get a meal on the same day each week (until you pause / skip or cancel).
  • How many people do they feed? The larger size feeds 4 adults, the smaller size is half that. 
  • How long will a Good Meal last before it needs to be eaten? A couple of days at least, so you can order for Wednesday delivery for dinner on Friday.
  • What does a Good Meal cost? $74 for family sized feed or $49 for dinner for two. $5 off when you order a weekly subscription.
  • Is this good value? Yes! (we think, but that’s one for you to decide). We try to make the meals nourishing and generous but buying from smaller ethical farmers costs more. 
  • What if I’m not home when you deliver? Easy, leave out an esky / fridge bag.
  • Subscription info
  • How does the subscription work? You will receive a different meal each week on the day of your original order with the meal and dietary selections you made for the first week (i.e. with meat, gluten free). You can change the meal selection / dietary any time (through your subscriber login / emailing us).
  • What if I don’t need a meal on any particular week, can I change? Yes of course : ) you can pause, cancel or skip at any time. You’ll get an email on Friday afternoon with info on the next weeks meal and you have until Sunday afternoon to make any changes.

Reusable container

  • You have a reusable container, what’s that all about?! It’s called a tiffin; like those you might have seen in India – a stackable stainless steel vessel that entirely cut out any packaging waste for your Good Meal. Pretty damn fabulous, we think! We call it ‘The Good Tiffin’. Take a look here : )
  • How does The Good Tiffin work? It’s like the old school milk delivery – you leave out the tiffin and we swap over when we deliver your meal in the tiffin. Simple!
  • Does the Good Tiffin cost me anything to use? Yes. We ask for a one-time payment – a lifetime membership - $80 - to help cover our cost (given we need to buy two tiffins per user). If you wish to discontinue receiving Good Meals in reusable, you can return it and we’ll return your $80.
  • Can I receive my meal in a reusable container if I’m not a subscriber? Yes, we just ask that you return the container to us (either at our kitchen or our return hubs in Juc, Belmont, BH, Grovey, North Melbourne or Collingwood) so that we can keep them in circulation, cutting even more packaging waste!