Little Green Corner

Our Story

Cafe to meal service

A familiar tale... COVID hits and we ask ourselves... what the hell do we do! As a CBD business, it was only too clear that we needed to find something a little differnt to keep afloat. We arrived at a weekly meal service, called it The Good Meal Project... it's been an incredible experience!

We run the with the same values as Little Green Corner (the cafe); simple, local and sustainable. From buying from farmers who share our ethics to the zero waste packaging for the Good Meals!

Our Farmers

Most celebrated and cherished are our farmers that supply the The Good Meal Project. Firstly, Hugh’s in-laws, Andrew and Linda, run a small farm out at Waurn Ponds. Every day, Linda collects food waste from our kitchen that feeds the chooks (chooks that provide eggs for the Good Meals!) and delivers produce that is incorporated in the Good Meal menu. Then there are the web of farms that have grown with us like Eliza and Jim (Mount Moriac Beef) and Xavier and Laura (Barongarook Pork) who operate regenerative businesses.


As a cafe and now as a meal service, we have been really conscious of the waste we create. Packaging of the Good Meals themselves, packaging of the produce buy in and food waste.

We have mad a huge dent in the amount of packaging waste owing to the incredible support we have had for the 'Good Tiffin' our reusable delivery container. It is worth making the point here that this has only been successful because a huge majority of our Good Meal customers have stepped up and paid deposits which has helped us cover the cost of these high quality (not cheap!) containers.