Each week you can order a "Good Meal" - which is a bit more adventurous and can require a little prep at home. Reusable packaging available.


An 'Easy Meal for Kids' for those short on time, child friendly.

Week starting the 22nd August

'The Easy' fresh pasta with pork sausage or sweet potato in tomato napoli (for kids).

And / or

Iranian slow roasted Yan Yan Gurt Lamb and / or Celeriac (veg / vegan). A salad of persian red lentils, rice pilaf with almonds and spice roasted cauliflower (hell yes!).

Dessert special; chocolate and caramel self saucing sauce pudding.

WEEK OF 29th August

The Good Gnocchi!

'The Easy' meal this week is a pie of mushrooms or Barongarook Pork (for the kids).

And / or

'The Good' Gnocchi - semolina and dutch cream potato ready for you to cut and finish in the oven at home. Served with a classic Tuscan stew of Mount Moriac Beef and or mushroom (veg/vegan), red wine and black pepper. Served alongside roasted fennel and a winter green salad.

Dessert special - Tiramisu... what else!!

Week starting the 5th September

The Good Laksa

'Easy' chicken and noodle stir-fry (for the kids).

and / or

Time for a laksa! Barongarook pork and / or pumpkin, with tofu, rice noodles with loads of spring vegetables!

Dessert special - coconut lemon cake

Week starting the 12th September

The Good Kofta

'Easy' lasagne of Mt Moriac beef or sweet potato (for the kids)!

and / or

Mount Moriac Beef kofta or Mount Zero chickpea felafal, yoghurt flatbreads, tabouli and roast pumpkin hummus!

Dessert special - apple tea cake

Week starting 19th september

The Good Delhi Curry

Delhi style butter chicken curry, made with Stokes River chicken and /or fried tofu!

Dessert special - Chocolate caramel slice!

Week of the 26th September

International Katsu Day!

Barongarook Pork cutlet or cauliflower Katsu curry- all set for International Katsu day on the 28th!

Dessert special: Japanese "Cotton" Cheesecake!

Week of 3rd October

Peruvian meets Chinese

The "Good": Something of a Peruvian stir fry; Lomo Saltado

Dessert Special: Portuguese tarts

Week of 10th october

The good Yakitori

The "Good": Tsukune (Japanese chicken yakitori meatballs). Stokes river chicken and/or tofu. Soba noodle salad