The Good Tiffin

We are calling it 'The Good Membership' : ) A one off payment gives you a lifetime of cutting out packaging waste for your Good Meal! Pretty lovely!

How does it work? We supply your meal in a 'The Good Tiffin'. A beautiful stainless steel - 100% reusable container - and you return it to us (think gas bottle swap and go).

Before you jump on board, please think about how you are going to return the container to us so we can keep it in circulation;

    • For subscribers this is super easy, just leave out the tiffin so we can swap over when we deliver. If you intend on skipping a week (totally fine), please let us know so we can arrange collection.
    • For regular, one off, orders - you will need to be prepared to return the Tiffin to the cafe / drop in to one of our 'hubs'. We have hubs in OG, Jan Juc and Barwon Heads for you to drop your tiffin back a few days after your delivery.
  • The tiffin tins are not for cooking in (i.e use pan / baking tray etc).
  • The tiffins are super sturdy but if you damage it / lose the tiffin, you might lose your deposit. The only issue we have seen is the lid isn't orientated squarely underneath the latch when fastened - resulting in the latch bending. But don't be scared by this, if you fasten in the same way as it's delivered, you won't have a problem : )
  • The tiffin is tall so it is unlikely you will be able to store as is in your fridge. Separating and tacking two containers on top of each other is the go. 

$80 membership / deposit. Refundable any time.